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Meet Connie

It's hard to believe we are in the final stages of May and June is just around the corner! We have been blessed and busy this spring season designing for some of the most charming clients. From country chic to modern flare, Vernich Interiors is covering it all. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

First of all, welcome! My name is Connie Vernich and I'm thrilled you've landed here on my blog! I'm originally from Canada, but I’ve called Nashville my home for many years after I met my wonderful husband, David, and moved to the area. I'm a mama to four crazy boys and a brand new grandmother to the most beautiful baby girl, Alice. I love hockey and cheering on the Nashville Predators any chance I get, traveling to new places, spending time on the lake and devouring a good book (along with some good cheese and wine too!).

In addition to designing full-time, I took on the role of an adjunct professor at Watkins College of Art and Design for 10 years where I got to share my passion for historical architecture. There’s just something about a piece of forgotten pottery, an ancient city wall or a French antique that has been passed down for generations that excites me. Although I no longer have time in my schedule to teach, I miss sharing stories of the past and linking them to modern day design, hopefully lighting a creative spark in the minds of my students along the way.

My interest in design and fascination with history came about when I went on an archeology dig when I was younger. It was interesting to me that there were so many civilizations yet to be uncovered. After that experience, I began traveling throughout the Middle East and Europe. My favorite city of all my travels is Florence, where I fell in love with the architecture. Are you starting to sense a theme here? ;)

I believe that my travels have influenced my personal style, which is Modern Traditional. I love to throw in a mix of something old among the new. I tend to find rooms lacking in visual appeal if they don't have an element of surprise, whether it’s a modern room with an antique or a traditional room with a modern piece of art. The contrast of old and new is what catches your eye, draws you in and makes you want to sit and stay a while.

To me, design is all about making a house feel like a home, and a sanctuary for my clients. It's a gathering place where friends and family come to create lifelong memories and a soft place to land at the end of the day. My favorite thing about being a designer is meeting new clients and hearing their stories. I make it my mission to learn as much as I can about them so that I can create a space that best suits their needs. Aside from forming new relationships, I also enjoy the design process itself. Playing around with the schematics and the drawings is when I really start to get in the zone and transfer the ideas in my head to paper. You can see some of these designs brought to life in my portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon!


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