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The Color Effect

Color plays a huge part in not just how a room looks, but how it feels.

Have you ever been to a restaurant with amazing food, but the stark walls and bland decor made for an unappealing atmosphere? It can knock your experience down a few notches. That’s because color has the ability to affect our moods.

For example, a dining room painted in deep red can make you feel hungry, a bright yellow room can make you feel anxious, and a serene blue bedroom can make you feel calm and relaxed.

And there's a reason that we're drawn to green landscapes and blue skies. Those colors tend to reduce stress and make you feel revitalized. Where a room full of bright yellow walls may cause anxiety to most, especially babies, yellow used in small doses can make you feel energized. Think about that same blue and green landscape with small doses of yellow daffodils and you have the perfect setting.

Here are a few examples of how I’ve used color to create a specific mood when you enter a room ...

Blue Serenity

Dark and Dramatic

Modern Light

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